26 January 2009

Long time no posting -

Well, its been a while since I posted on here. Probably about how long it had been since I had played a game of WHFB!!

However, with the thursday night club starting up again I think I will bring out the Chaos every now and then, to contend with those other weakling races, and make sure they know their inferiority.

Still trying to sell my Screamers, but I got bored on Trademe. Nothing new has been bought for Chaos, although looking through my Bitz Box the other night I was shocked with how much rubbish I had actually accumulated!

Had two games with John the other week, VERY nearly lost the first one, using the new Chaos Rules. I had 2 big units of Warriors (one Chosen) and one unit of Marauders. It was against a Dwarven gunline, and I got literally shot to shreds. I only hit combat with 4 of my original 26 Chaos Chosen... who then routed an entire 25 man unit of Dwarven Hammerers! Marauders did squat, and the other unit of Warriors I had (Nurgle ones) did not do much either. Won on VP's, practically just on the one unit I killed.

Second game was different, still a gunline, but more troopers. I mixed it up, brought in 2 units of Marauder horsemen who died extremely quickly, but at least they distracted John from the true danger - the Chaos Chosen.

So, good fun, was very difficult to get used to WH rules again, but managed.

I will post again, when I conquer gamer apathy and put some effort into Chaosssss again!