30 October 2008

Selling my Screamers of Chaos :(

Well, I have made the tough decision to start selling off pieces of my Warhammer army that i will never be able to use in Warriors of Chaos, so starting with my 5 x Screamers of Chaos.

They are on TradeMe atm, but here is a picture of them, immortalised on Blog:

16 October 2008

Slacking off - but excited as well.

Ok - I have been slacking off with both painting and gaming with my Chaos army -- mostly due to the fact that in 2 or so weeks a new Army book and tonnes of new models will be coming out. (ignore the giant list of models still to be painted - as i will end up buying more :P)

Cool things to look forward to are:

Chaos Champions get to spend points on gifts of chaos AS WELL AS magic items!
New special characters to be used! (like, 8 or so)
Chosen Warriors and normal Chaos Warriors are about 10x better.
Chaos Warshrine! Chariot buff unit, gives awesome buffs to your units during battle.
Marauders are 4 points each... i mean seriously.... you could have 250 in a 1k point battle!!!
Hellcannons are a legal choice!
Crazy crazy magic items!

So yeah. I will update again once the book comes out, so i can give a thorough analysis of it!

02 October 2008

I wish my Chaos looked like this...



Thoughts on the Battle of the Void -

As you can see if you follow this link - http://stumpyheaven.blogspot.com/ John and I had a massive battle of 10,000 points a side, which ended in a Chaos Victory of 21 - 14. The game swung back and forth with the momentum of the battles, however the hardy Chaos Warriors managed to tip it in their favour, forcing the Elves and Dwarves back in the first wave, then managed to survive the second wave of attacks, but unable to push them back either.

My basic plan when i deployed was to have a "turtle" formation of hardy elite units, which would form the core of my Army. Led by the Greater Unclean One, a huge unit of Nurgle Warriors would be the Anvil, and led by a Chaos Lord of Khorne a huge unit of Khornate Chosen Warriors would be the Hammer. The goal was to get hard units stuck in combat with the Nurgle Warriors, and then batter them to death by the huge amount of attacks the Khorne warriors would make.

This kind of worked, although it ended up being the Khorne warriors taking the brunt of the fight, and the Nurgle warriors coming through for them!

As well as this, the true power of my core formation lay in the 5 Knights directly behind the Warriors. This unit held the Battle Standard Bearer, probably the lynchpin in my plan. Carrying the Banner of the Gods which allows rerolls to all combat tests within 12" while also making those units Stubborn was going to make sure that my units would NOT break in combat. They were not intended on getting into combat, but in order to make sure they wouldnt get picked off i had 3 lesser units of warriors (10 men each) gaurding their flanks and rear.

On my left flank, my fast units were preparing their attack. A large unit of Screamers combined with two chariots and my Chaos Lord on his disc were able to advance quickly and attempted to take out the very real threat of various artillery and ranged troops. Unfortunately, the clever placement of elven Shadow Warriors halted this advance for awhile. The Dragon Mage running down to pop one of my Chariots certainly didnt help either. Although I was able to kill the Dragon and his rider, my left flank was not able to advance very far at all, ending up being the same distance towards the artillery as my main center force was. The Screamers, being flying, managed to get all the way to the end and contest the Dwarven objective for a while, allowing me to jump ahead in points.

My right flank had the Chaos Objective on it. I had intended on this flank to be my ranged attackers, and i had a Sorcerer, Dogs of War Cannon and the Hellcannon along with the bodyguard of 10 Chaos Warriors. Although I completely forgot about the Sorcerer for the entire game, the Hellcannon ended up blasting a bunch of Dragon Princes away, and ended up beating the unit of Miners who came up behind me intent on taking my Objective. The miners did end up killing off the crew, which left the Hellcannon rampaging crazily through my units, although it was only able to wound a Troll who was part of a unit that helped out against the Miners.

My Dragon served his purpose once again, and became a pincushioned mass of shredded meat very quickly after attracting a large number of cannonballs and bolts. The lord managed to survive though, and ended up dueling the Dwarf lord with a D6 wound weapon at the end of the game. Somehow, the Dwarf wasnt able to kill him - which was a lucky roll of the dice for me!

A memorable part of the battle for me was the destruction of the Gyrocopter by the Keeper of Secrets, which led to a charge on the Dragon Princes scarily placed to take my objective should the get through my lines. The Keeper of Secrets ability to halve WS and I helped out and he was able to trump the HE ASF ability, laying into the Prince of the Elven unit, reducing him to 1 wound left. A few warriors were cut down, but the evil daemon halted their advance, and over the next 3 turns whittled down the unit until there was nothing left.

The most important stage of the battle was the immense fight over the central objective. At one point, it involved 9 seperate units, but the lack of fresh Dwarf and High Elf units eventually took its toll on the army and they were broken. The four combat rounds this massive melee lasted over resulted in hilarity when during the second round 40 or so attacks were resolved including 3 or 4 lords - it was a draw. The third round also resulted in a draw, even though many more units jumped into the fray. The very first round was when the Chosen Chaos Knights were flanked twice, fighting the Ironbreakers, Hammerers and Phoenix Gaurd by themselves. They lost by a large number of CR, but were able to pass their leadership test with a Stubborn Leadership 9 + reroll :D

The last combat was won by Chaos, when the charge of a new unit of Chaos Knights, the Dragon Ogres, and the Lord of Tzeentch on his Disc entered the fray, the Dragon Ogres ripping the poorly armoured Hammerers to pieces.

In the end, the battle was decided when the first two units of Elves broke and ran - the First Spear Elves and the Phoenix Guard, resulting in my units charging forwards into their second line, where the massive fight took place. This allowed Chaos to gain the crucial 2 points for holding the central objective, and led to the downfall of the Order army as they were not able to contest it by being pushed too far backwards.