28 September 2008

Epic 10k Point Battle!

Yesterday John and I had a battle of epic proportions -- 10k Chaos vs 6k Dwarves and 4k High Elves.

Details of the battle will come soon, were some high notes and some low notes for both armies (one in particular i remember is miscasting 3 times in a row with 3 different casters, the third time ending the magic phase).

But, it was good fun, with a victory to Chaos of 13 to 9.

The best fight was one involving something like 6 or 7 units, a massive brawl right in the middle of the map. 2 Giant units of chaos warriors, nurgle and khorne, with a Greater Daemon, Daemon Prince, a Chaos Lord of Khorne and the BSB with Banner of the Gods right behind them. Fighting a 30 strong unit of Phoenix Gaurd, Huge unit of Hammerers and a huge unit of Ironbreakers. The entire battle was a draw in the end, the next turn a unit of slayers entered the fray! Somehow, the entire battle was a draw again, until a charge by a unit of Knights, Dragon Ogres, a Chaos Lord and a Lord of Tzeentch finally tipped the balance in the favour of Chaos, forcing half the enemies to flee.

Was great fun! Took about 5 hours all together, so probably not something ill do again very soon, but a battle to remember!

12 September 2008

Lord of Tzeentch on Disc of Tzeentch!

The Lord of Tzeentch was the first character that i bought, and has since seen the light in a few battles, winning major fights against Dark Elves, Lizardmen and Dwarves. As an Exalted Champion he has led many Tzeentchian armies at 1500 points or less, although he doesnt normally get fielded at 750 or less as his points costs are rather prohibitive!!

As a Champion of Tzeentch he is normally a level 2 Wizard going into combat, with the Lore of Tzeentch. The best spells for him to get are the ones that increase his combat potential, in particular Orange Fire of Transition, which allows him to reroll all his combat rolls! (This includes any Armour saves and Ward saves he may need to make.)

Generally i equip him with either a melee combination or a magic combination. Magic, he gets a Spell familiar, the Golden Eye of Tzeentch and perhaps Enchanted Shield or a Power Stone. Melee he will recieve something like Great Fang (excellent for well armoured heros and troops) or a mix of Gaze of the Gods and Crimson Armour of Dargan. Mundane items he normally recieves are a Halberd (Str 6 WS 6 - 8 hits with rerolls x 4) and a normal shield if he doesnt get Enchanted Shield. This normally provides him with survivability to take on enemy heroes easily as well as smaller units, and enough stopping power in both ranged and melee to make him a threat to the opposing army.

In conclusion, a Champion of Tzeentch on a disc is a fast, tough, and hard hitting opponent. His mobility allows him to avoid unfavourable charges while pumping out offensive spells, but able to attack and destroy vulnerable units and solos like warmachines and enemy spellcasters. Weaknesses are against Combat resolution (he will flee and die) and also enemy ranged attacks (as even he cant make all the saves in the world).

11 September 2008

Epic Battle -- Khornate forces vs Ogre army

This battle finished up tonight. A quick rundown on the two armies is here as well:

Chaos Khorne Army:

Had a combined unit of about 15 Chosen Chaos Knights of Khorne, which included the Lord on his Daemonic steed and 2 Aspiring champions, one of whom had the Battle Standard. They survived the battle intact, unfortunately the Chaos Lord did not...

2 Units of Warhounds, which came in handy! Out of about 10, 8 survived.

4 Bloodbeasts of Khorne (Chaos Spawn) 3 of them died in the end, but accomplished their missions.

4 Units of 10 beastmen in beast herds. These did well, except their shocking LD tests when trying to charge fear causing ogres, 2 units left at the end both claiming table quarters and running down a unit of Ogres each as well.

2 Chariots of Khorne -- amazingly good, one was popped by the Ogre Tyrant with Strength 7 attacks, the other one charged a unit of Ogres with a Butcher in it, and forced them to flee. Then overran them. Excellent work there!!

The Ogre army included : (among other things i have probably forgotten)

2 Big units of Bulls / Ironguts, which was hiding a Tyrant, a Bruiser and a Butcher. One was killed by the Chariots charge, the other killed by the awesome Knights of Khorne.

1 Big unit of gnoblars, the first to fall from the Knights.

1 Unit of leadbelchers, who didnt shoot at all, just charged into some of my troops. Ended up killing 1 and a half units of beastmen and a Chaos Spawn, so not bad there.

A hunter with his two pets, who charged a Chaos Spawn with his cats -- resulting in one wound to the spawn, and both cats slaughtered. The hunter then finished off the Spawn taking one wound in return, to charge a unit of Beastmen. These Beastmen took a couple of casualties and then overan the hunter to kill him and claim a table quarter.

1 Dogs of war special unit --- something to do with a were-bear. Did alright, was killed off by a Chariot and a Spawn, even though they did kill the spawn eventually.

I think that was about it.

To sum up the fight, Chaos had first turn and positioned his Knights for a handy charge if the ogres dared to advance. Which they didnt, and the Frenzied Knights went for his Gnoblars instead. Charges abound with Spawn and Chariots and Beastmen rocketing into the Ogre lines, most of the combats were won by Chaos with the exception of the Leadbelchers ripping the Beastmen apart.

Ogre magic proved ineffective as Chaos was able to dispel practically every spell with 8 dispel dice - and 2 power dice which got rid of Regeneration from the Butchers unit at a critical time.

As the game progressed, on the right flank of Chaos the Ogres were slowly getting beaten back and lost most of their forces, except for the Leadbelchers. In the middle of the board the Ogres failed a critical leadership test, their second biggest unit getting run off the board. The knights and the Tyrants group dance around each other in an attempt to get the charge off. The Ogres eventually charge at a group of Warhounds, who promptly flee. The charge is redirected at one of the Chaos Chariots, which is quickly pounded into dust, then the Ogres fail their "Remain in Place" test to overrun the Chariot..... putting them within striking distance of the Knights!! A quick attack by a fatalistic Chaos Spawn holds the Ogres in place long enough for the charge of the Knights to land, and the epic battle began.

It went well for Chaos to begin with, 12 or so wounds on the Ogres taking out the majority of the attacks back. The Tyrant lashed out with his Tenderiser, pulping the Chaos Lord where he stood. (2 wounds, failed a 5+ armour save, then a 4+ ward save, then a 6+ regeneration save.... what the hell?)

Within the next turn the Tyrant was overrun, as was the hunter and the leadbelchers --- and thus ended the game with no Ogre models on the board. Massacre to Chaos!!!

The Chaos Spawn ate well that night...

10 September 2008

Game Tonight vs. Ogre Kingdoms

Got a game tonight versus Stephens OK army, should be a good match!!!

Have a nice army waiting for him, which i will post up after the game.

Along with details on how it all went.