22 March 2009

2250 list for potential Warhammer games -

Here is a list i found courtesy of Pinkus of LO Forums fame, a mighty fast and deadly Warriors of Chaos list.

Wether I have enough cavalry models to pull it off is another question:

Daemon Prince
Tendrils of Tzeentch
Mark of Tzeentch
Fury of the Bloodgod

Exalted Hero
Mark of Tzeentch
Banner of the Gods

Chaos Sorcerer
Chaos Steed
Level 2
Mark of Nurgle
Power Familiar
Dispel Scroll

Marauder x 10

Marauder Horsemen x 5
Mark of Khorne

Marauder Horsemen x 5
Mark of Khorne

Chaos Knights x 5
Ensorcelled weapons
Mark of Nurgle
Rapturous Standard

Chaos Knights x 5
Ensorcelled weapons
Mark of Nurgle

Dragon Ogres x3

Chaos Warshrine

Warhounds x 5

Warhounds x 5


So what I need is 1 Chariot converted to a Warshrine, 10 Warhound models, 3 Dragon Ogres (uh oh), 20 Horsemen, 10 Marauders, Hero on a steed, Hero on a disc, and a Daemon Prince.


1 Chariot, check.
10 Hounds, check.
10 Marauders, check.
3 Various heros, check.
10 Horsemen, check.

Now all I need are 3 Dragon Ogres and 10 more horsemen, preferably Marauder Horsemen. GREEEEAT.

11 March 2009

New and interesting (at least to myself) Unit and Character builds:

Some other ideas im playing with, trying to decide on their effectiveness!

18 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch, Shields and Full Command with Blasted Standard - 378 points.

18 Chosen Chaos Warriors of Khorne, Shields and XHW, Full Command and War Banner - 465 points.

Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle, Level 2 (1) with Skull of Katam, Lore of Nurgle and the Bloodcurdling Roar - 210 points.

Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle, Level 2 (2) with Rod of Torment, Lore of Nurgle and Conjoined Homunuculus. - 205 points.

10 Chaos Marauders of Khorne, Great Weapons and Mark of Khorne - 80 points.

10 March 2009

Warriors of Chaos Character builds:

A continuation of the previous post, but focusing on Character builds.


Chaos Lord of Slaanesh on Barded Steed, Father of Blades, Armour of Damnation, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Bloodcurdling Roar, Soporific Musk - 389 points.

So, the Warriors of Chaos aye?

Well, it seems I need to completely redo my entire army. Luckily I was able to sell some of the stuff I couldnt use anymore, but I need to put some info down on paper (or internet, whatever) on what I actually have left and wether or not its any good.

Without further ado, current models that I still want for my army:

Models I own:

2 Chariots, (which arent that great anymore), 16 Marauders, (which are good, if I had more of them) 36 Warriors, (hmmmm I may have a few too many of them!!) 10 Warhounds, (pretty much the same) 5 Knights (good, but just not enough any more, id like 10 really) 2 Chaos Spawn, (all good, fun fun).

Characters I have:

2 Heroes/Lords on foot, 2 Heroes/Lords on mounts, 3 Heroes/Lords on large mounts, 1 Dragon, 2 Demon Princes.

Well - from this list I can see I have a few options available, to try and build a 2250 list for the NZ Tourny coming up in May.

16 Chaos Marauders of Slaanesh, Champ + Muso, Light Armour, Hand Weapons and Shield - 118 points.

In a moment of pure brilliance - since I dont really like my Chariots anymore, convert them both to Warshrines!!

2 Warshrine of Tzeentch - Stupidly good Ward Save - 150 points.

10 Warhounds - 60 points, or split into 2 x 5 for 30 points each.

2 Chaos Spawns of Tzeentch - Mark of Tzeentch, 65 points each, 130 points for the two of them.

5 Khorne Knights of Chaos - Mark of Khorne, Musician, Standard Bearer with War Banner - 285 points.

36 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch - Mark of Tzeentch, Full Command with Blastard Standard, Shields. - 666 points. (oh yeah!)

36 Chosen Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch - Mark of Tzeentch, Full Command with Blasted Standard, Shields. - 794 points.

There also is a bunch of good character options. I think I will keep these ones in mind for now, and post the characters up later.

22 February 2009

Border Patrol 500 pt list

Heres my 500 point list I am planning on taking to the Duellist club this thursday: Thought I would put it up here so I would actually remember it!!

1 x Sorcerer (120 points)
>Necrotic Phylactery
>Favour of the Gods
>Bloodcurdling Roar

15 Chaos Warriors of Khorne (270 points)
>Extra Hand Weapon

Scyla Anfinngrim (105 points)

Looks cool, pretty outnumbered by pretty much everything I will see on the field, but hopefully the sheer killiness of the Chaos Warriors, support of the Sorcerer with Lore of Death or Fire, and a wild card in the form of Scyla - who may or may not do crap all the whole game.

26 January 2009

Long time no posting -

Well, its been a while since I posted on here. Probably about how long it had been since I had played a game of WHFB!!

However, with the thursday night club starting up again I think I will bring out the Chaos every now and then, to contend with those other weakling races, and make sure they know their inferiority.

Still trying to sell my Screamers, but I got bored on Trademe. Nothing new has been bought for Chaos, although looking through my Bitz Box the other night I was shocked with how much rubbish I had actually accumulated!

Had two games with John the other week, VERY nearly lost the first one, using the new Chaos Rules. I had 2 big units of Warriors (one Chosen) and one unit of Marauders. It was against a Dwarven gunline, and I got literally shot to shreds. I only hit combat with 4 of my original 26 Chaos Chosen... who then routed an entire 25 man unit of Dwarven Hammerers! Marauders did squat, and the other unit of Warriors I had (Nurgle ones) did not do much either. Won on VP's, practically just on the one unit I killed.

Second game was different, still a gunline, but more troopers. I mixed it up, brought in 2 units of Marauder horsemen who died extremely quickly, but at least they distracted John from the true danger - the Chaos Chosen.

So, good fun, was very difficult to get used to WH rules again, but managed.

I will post again, when I conquer gamer apathy and put some effort into Chaosssss again!

30 October 2008

Selling my Screamers of Chaos :(

Well, I have made the tough decision to start selling off pieces of my Warhammer army that i will never be able to use in Warriors of Chaos, so starting with my 5 x Screamers of Chaos.

They are on TradeMe atm, but here is a picture of them, immortalised on Blog:

16 October 2008

Slacking off - but excited as well.

Ok - I have been slacking off with both painting and gaming with my Chaos army -- mostly due to the fact that in 2 or so weeks a new Army book and tonnes of new models will be coming out. (ignore the giant list of models still to be painted - as i will end up buying more :P)

Cool things to look forward to are:

Chaos Champions get to spend points on gifts of chaos AS WELL AS magic items!
New special characters to be used! (like, 8 or so)
Chosen Warriors and normal Chaos Warriors are about 10x better.
Chaos Warshrine! Chariot buff unit, gives awesome buffs to your units during battle.
Marauders are 4 points each... i mean seriously.... you could have 250 in a 1k point battle!!!
Hellcannons are a legal choice!
Crazy crazy magic items!

So yeah. I will update again once the book comes out, so i can give a thorough analysis of it!

02 October 2008

I wish my Chaos looked like this...



Thoughts on the Battle of the Void -

As you can see if you follow this link - http://stumpyheaven.blogspot.com/ John and I had a massive battle of 10,000 points a side, which ended in a Chaos Victory of 21 - 14. The game swung back and forth with the momentum of the battles, however the hardy Chaos Warriors managed to tip it in their favour, forcing the Elves and Dwarves back in the first wave, then managed to survive the second wave of attacks, but unable to push them back either.

My basic plan when i deployed was to have a "turtle" formation of hardy elite units, which would form the core of my Army. Led by the Greater Unclean One, a huge unit of Nurgle Warriors would be the Anvil, and led by a Chaos Lord of Khorne a huge unit of Khornate Chosen Warriors would be the Hammer. The goal was to get hard units stuck in combat with the Nurgle Warriors, and then batter them to death by the huge amount of attacks the Khorne warriors would make.

This kind of worked, although it ended up being the Khorne warriors taking the brunt of the fight, and the Nurgle warriors coming through for them!

As well as this, the true power of my core formation lay in the 5 Knights directly behind the Warriors. This unit held the Battle Standard Bearer, probably the lynchpin in my plan. Carrying the Banner of the Gods which allows rerolls to all combat tests within 12" while also making those units Stubborn was going to make sure that my units would NOT break in combat. They were not intended on getting into combat, but in order to make sure they wouldnt get picked off i had 3 lesser units of warriors (10 men each) gaurding their flanks and rear.

On my left flank, my fast units were preparing their attack. A large unit of Screamers combined with two chariots and my Chaos Lord on his disc were able to advance quickly and attempted to take out the very real threat of various artillery and ranged troops. Unfortunately, the clever placement of elven Shadow Warriors halted this advance for awhile. The Dragon Mage running down to pop one of my Chariots certainly didnt help either. Although I was able to kill the Dragon and his rider, my left flank was not able to advance very far at all, ending up being the same distance towards the artillery as my main center force was. The Screamers, being flying, managed to get all the way to the end and contest the Dwarven objective for a while, allowing me to jump ahead in points.

My right flank had the Chaos Objective on it. I had intended on this flank to be my ranged attackers, and i had a Sorcerer, Dogs of War Cannon and the Hellcannon along with the bodyguard of 10 Chaos Warriors. Although I completely forgot about the Sorcerer for the entire game, the Hellcannon ended up blasting a bunch of Dragon Princes away, and ended up beating the unit of Miners who came up behind me intent on taking my Objective. The miners did end up killing off the crew, which left the Hellcannon rampaging crazily through my units, although it was only able to wound a Troll who was part of a unit that helped out against the Miners.

My Dragon served his purpose once again, and became a pincushioned mass of shredded meat very quickly after attracting a large number of cannonballs and bolts. The lord managed to survive though, and ended up dueling the Dwarf lord with a D6 wound weapon at the end of the game. Somehow, the Dwarf wasnt able to kill him - which was a lucky roll of the dice for me!

A memorable part of the battle for me was the destruction of the Gyrocopter by the Keeper of Secrets, which led to a charge on the Dragon Princes scarily placed to take my objective should the get through my lines. The Keeper of Secrets ability to halve WS and I helped out and he was able to trump the HE ASF ability, laying into the Prince of the Elven unit, reducing him to 1 wound left. A few warriors were cut down, but the evil daemon halted their advance, and over the next 3 turns whittled down the unit until there was nothing left.

The most important stage of the battle was the immense fight over the central objective. At one point, it involved 9 seperate units, but the lack of fresh Dwarf and High Elf units eventually took its toll on the army and they were broken. The four combat rounds this massive melee lasted over resulted in hilarity when during the second round 40 or so attacks were resolved including 3 or 4 lords - it was a draw. The third round also resulted in a draw, even though many more units jumped into the fray. The very first round was when the Chosen Chaos Knights were flanked twice, fighting the Ironbreakers, Hammerers and Phoenix Gaurd by themselves. They lost by a large number of CR, but were able to pass their leadership test with a Stubborn Leadership 9 + reroll :D

The last combat was won by Chaos, when the charge of a new unit of Chaos Knights, the Dragon Ogres, and the Lord of Tzeentch on his Disc entered the fray, the Dragon Ogres ripping the poorly armoured Hammerers to pieces.

In the end, the battle was decided when the first two units of Elves broke and ran - the First Spear Elves and the Phoenix Guard, resulting in my units charging forwards into their second line, where the massive fight took place. This allowed Chaos to gain the crucial 2 points for holding the central objective, and led to the downfall of the Order army as they were not able to contest it by being pushed too far backwards.

28 September 2008

Epic 10k Point Battle!

Yesterday John and I had a battle of epic proportions -- 10k Chaos vs 6k Dwarves and 4k High Elves.

Details of the battle will come soon, were some high notes and some low notes for both armies (one in particular i remember is miscasting 3 times in a row with 3 different casters, the third time ending the magic phase).

But, it was good fun, with a victory to Chaos of 13 to 9.

The best fight was one involving something like 6 or 7 units, a massive brawl right in the middle of the map. 2 Giant units of chaos warriors, nurgle and khorne, with a Greater Daemon, Daemon Prince, a Chaos Lord of Khorne and the BSB with Banner of the Gods right behind them. Fighting a 30 strong unit of Phoenix Gaurd, Huge unit of Hammerers and a huge unit of Ironbreakers. The entire battle was a draw in the end, the next turn a unit of slayers entered the fray! Somehow, the entire battle was a draw again, until a charge by a unit of Knights, Dragon Ogres, a Chaos Lord and a Lord of Tzeentch finally tipped the balance in the favour of Chaos, forcing half the enemies to flee.

Was great fun! Took about 5 hours all together, so probably not something ill do again very soon, but a battle to remember!

12 September 2008

Lord of Tzeentch on Disc of Tzeentch!

The Lord of Tzeentch was the first character that i bought, and has since seen the light in a few battles, winning major fights against Dark Elves, Lizardmen and Dwarves. As an Exalted Champion he has led many Tzeentchian armies at 1500 points or less, although he doesnt normally get fielded at 750 or less as his points costs are rather prohibitive!!

As a Champion of Tzeentch he is normally a level 2 Wizard going into combat, with the Lore of Tzeentch. The best spells for him to get are the ones that increase his combat potential, in particular Orange Fire of Transition, which allows him to reroll all his combat rolls! (This includes any Armour saves and Ward saves he may need to make.)

Generally i equip him with either a melee combination or a magic combination. Magic, he gets a Spell familiar, the Golden Eye of Tzeentch and perhaps Enchanted Shield or a Power Stone. Melee he will recieve something like Great Fang (excellent for well armoured heros and troops) or a mix of Gaze of the Gods and Crimson Armour of Dargan. Mundane items he normally recieves are a Halberd (Str 6 WS 6 - 8 hits with rerolls x 4) and a normal shield if he doesnt get Enchanted Shield. This normally provides him with survivability to take on enemy heroes easily as well as smaller units, and enough stopping power in both ranged and melee to make him a threat to the opposing army.

In conclusion, a Champion of Tzeentch on a disc is a fast, tough, and hard hitting opponent. His mobility allows him to avoid unfavourable charges while pumping out offensive spells, but able to attack and destroy vulnerable units and solos like warmachines and enemy spellcasters. Weaknesses are against Combat resolution (he will flee and die) and also enemy ranged attacks (as even he cant make all the saves in the world).

11 September 2008

Epic Battle -- Khornate forces vs Ogre army

This battle finished up tonight. A quick rundown on the two armies is here as well:

Chaos Khorne Army:

Had a combined unit of about 15 Chosen Chaos Knights of Khorne, which included the Lord on his Daemonic steed and 2 Aspiring champions, one of whom had the Battle Standard. They survived the battle intact, unfortunately the Chaos Lord did not...

2 Units of Warhounds, which came in handy! Out of about 10, 8 survived.

4 Bloodbeasts of Khorne (Chaos Spawn) 3 of them died in the end, but accomplished their missions.

4 Units of 10 beastmen in beast herds. These did well, except their shocking LD tests when trying to charge fear causing ogres, 2 units left at the end both claiming table quarters and running down a unit of Ogres each as well.

2 Chariots of Khorne -- amazingly good, one was popped by the Ogre Tyrant with Strength 7 attacks, the other one charged a unit of Ogres with a Butcher in it, and forced them to flee. Then overran them. Excellent work there!!

The Ogre army included : (among other things i have probably forgotten)

2 Big units of Bulls / Ironguts, which was hiding a Tyrant, a Bruiser and a Butcher. One was killed by the Chariots charge, the other killed by the awesome Knights of Khorne.

1 Big unit of gnoblars, the first to fall from the Knights.

1 Unit of leadbelchers, who didnt shoot at all, just charged into some of my troops. Ended up killing 1 and a half units of beastmen and a Chaos Spawn, so not bad there.

A hunter with his two pets, who charged a Chaos Spawn with his cats -- resulting in one wound to the spawn, and both cats slaughtered. The hunter then finished off the Spawn taking one wound in return, to charge a unit of Beastmen. These Beastmen took a couple of casualties and then overan the hunter to kill him and claim a table quarter.

1 Dogs of war special unit --- something to do with a were-bear. Did alright, was killed off by a Chariot and a Spawn, even though they did kill the spawn eventually.

I think that was about it.

To sum up the fight, Chaos had first turn and positioned his Knights for a handy charge if the ogres dared to advance. Which they didnt, and the Frenzied Knights went for his Gnoblars instead. Charges abound with Spawn and Chariots and Beastmen rocketing into the Ogre lines, most of the combats were won by Chaos with the exception of the Leadbelchers ripping the Beastmen apart.

Ogre magic proved ineffective as Chaos was able to dispel practically every spell with 8 dispel dice - and 2 power dice which got rid of Regeneration from the Butchers unit at a critical time.

As the game progressed, on the right flank of Chaos the Ogres were slowly getting beaten back and lost most of their forces, except for the Leadbelchers. In the middle of the board the Ogres failed a critical leadership test, their second biggest unit getting run off the board. The knights and the Tyrants group dance around each other in an attempt to get the charge off. The Ogres eventually charge at a group of Warhounds, who promptly flee. The charge is redirected at one of the Chaos Chariots, which is quickly pounded into dust, then the Ogres fail their "Remain in Place" test to overrun the Chariot..... putting them within striking distance of the Knights!! A quick attack by a fatalistic Chaos Spawn holds the Ogres in place long enough for the charge of the Knights to land, and the epic battle began.

It went well for Chaos to begin with, 12 or so wounds on the Ogres taking out the majority of the attacks back. The Tyrant lashed out with his Tenderiser, pulping the Chaos Lord where he stood. (2 wounds, failed a 5+ armour save, then a 4+ ward save, then a 6+ regeneration save.... what the hell?)

Within the next turn the Tyrant was overrun, as was the hunter and the leadbelchers --- and thus ended the game with no Ogre models on the board. Massacre to Chaos!!!

The Chaos Spawn ate well that night...

10 September 2008

Game Tonight vs. Ogre Kingdoms

Got a game tonight versus Stephens OK army, should be a good match!!!

Have a nice army waiting for him, which i will post up after the game.

Along with details on how it all went.

21 August 2008

Grand Campaign Chaos versus Lizardmen Part 1

This Campaign was played out over several weeks, 5 battles long and each battle impacted on the one played after it. Henk’s Lizardman army played against my Chaos army for control over a vital magical conduit, which once captured would allow Chaos magic to overpower the remaining defences of the Old Ones around the Talek’kriskov Ziggurat, a vital Lizardman community.

The 5 games that we have planned are as follows:

Rules were any victory meant your army received the bonus for the next game, and any draw result meant the winner of the previous game received the bonus for the next game.

Battle One: 500 Points Border Patrol, the winner of this game becomes the attacker in the next game.

Battle Two: 1000 Points Flank Attack, the winner of this game becomes the attacker in the next game.

Battle Three: 1900 / 950 Points Last Stand, the winner of this game receives +1 special feature in the next game, randomly rolled for at the beginning of the game. (This meant it could provide +1 PD/DD, or cause hatred, or +100 VP)

Battle Four: 2250 Points Battlefield Supremacy, the winner of this game gets +50 Points to spend on their army in the final game per objective they hold.

Battle Five: 3000 + 50x Points Pitched Battle, the winner of this game wins the entire campaign.

As of this posting, (22 August) 4 of the 5 battles have been played, with a current tally of 1 win, 1 loss and 2 draw’s for both armies. The 5th battle is set to be a massive undertaking and will decide the winner.

In my next posts, I will briefly describe each of the 4 battles already completed from memory. (It’s been a little while, but I will do my best)

Grand Campaign Chaos versus Lizardmen Part 2

Battle One: 500 Points Border Patrol, the winner of this game becomes the attacker in the next game.

The Chaos armies general was a Level 2 Chaos Undivided Sorcerer, along with a small unit of Chosen Warriors and 5 Chaos Screamers was a very small army numerically, but made up of some strong units.

The Lizardman armies general was a Saurus Scar-Vet and the units he took along were a unit of strong Kroxigors (brought because of a tendency I have to use chariots I believe), a 2 salamander strong unit and a unit of poison blowpipe skinks.

The exact details of the match are a little fuzzy, but it ended in a decisive victory for chaos, with the Kroxigors being slaughtered by the magic of the Chaos Sorcerer and the skinks running off the board away from the Screamers, who then went on to ambush the lone Scar-Vet and finish him off. The Chosen warriors went from 12 strong to about 2-3 strong with shooting from the Salamanders, but they provided ample protection for the Chaos Sorcerer and he survived unscathed.

Final Units left were a few Chaos Warriors, the Chaos Sorcerer, more than half the Screamers and the 2 Salamanders.

Victory went to Chaos, meaning my Army was the Attacker in the next battle, the Flank Attack.

Grand Campaign Chaos versus Lizardmen Part 3

Battle Two: 1000 Points Flank Attack, the winner of this game becomes the attacker in the next game.

This battle being twice as big I don’t remember as many details about it… probably also because it did not go very well for me!! J

My army included the regulars, Chaos Chosen to protect the vulnerable Sorcerer and Champion, as well as Warhound screens and 2 Chariots. Then maybe some Spawns… or maybe some Screamers.

The enemy army included the usual strong arm of the Lizardmen, Salamanders and Kroxigors guarded by copious amounts of Skinks. As far as I can remember, it also included a Scar-Vet and a Skink Priest, no doubt to deny me magical domination.

Tactics were terrible on my side, the Flank Attack special rules being that I could bring units in on the side from turn 2 onwards; however they would be worth double victory points!! I chose for 1 chariot and 5 Warhounds to arrive on the flank, leaving me outnumbered with the army set up in front of the Lizardman army. When the chariot and Warhounds finally arrived, and then finally got into combat (turn 5) the rest of my army was already dead.

Victory went to Lizardmen, meaning the Lizardmen were the Attackers in the next battle.

Grand Campaign Chaos versus Lizardmen Part 4

Battle Three: 1900 / 950 Points Last Stand, the winner of this game receives +1 special feature in the next game, randomly rolled for at the beginning of the game. (This meant it could provide +1 PD/DD, or cause hatred, or +100 VP)

This was a very interesting battle, I was the underdog with only 950 points to spend, but on the plus side I only had to do 951 points worth of damage to the advancing Lizardman army to win! The battle began with my army having an 18” square in the middle to deploy, which I was able to do in and around a fortress I had quickly build from random bits of polystyrene and kebab skewers…. Plus a tower in the middle. Lizardmen started on both ends of the board with the tactic of advancing towards me and catching me in the pincer of his two forces, each of which was as big as my entire army!

As the storyline goes, my Chaos warriors were thoroughly massacred in the Flank Attack, leaving only a few straggling survivors. While they ran away to regroup the oncoming Lizardman army, which had swelled in size since the last battle with new spawnings, reached an abandoned Orc fortress… which was now filled to the brim with Chaos Daemons!

They couldn’t afford to leave a formidable fighting force behind them as they advanced on the Chaos regrouping position so they decided to wipe them out, with as little loss to their own lines as possible.

I used a new army list to what I normally use here, opting to try out the new Chaos Daemons Army Book and see how well it went.

The Army I used was a Tzeentch based magic army, led by a Herald of Tzeentch. I also took along the Blue Scribes of Tzeentch, a unique Hero-level unit. For Core choices I had 2 units of Pink Horrors, each 10 strong and counting as a Level 1 Wizard. As well as that I brought along a Beast of Nurgle, (a Chaos Spawn without all the good bits as I found out) a unit of Screamers and a unit of Flamers, 6 strong. (By far the best investment I made)

The army I faced was pretty much the same as the 1k army, Krox’s, Sallies, Skink Priests and Scar-Vets was about the lot of it, as well as an obscene number of skinks and a large unit of Saurus Warriors and Cold One Riders.

The battle started off ok for me, massive amounts of shooting and magic on my side in an attempt to whittle down the enemy forces before they hit my army and squashed it. Best shot of the match was my Flamers, firing at the Saurus cavalry. They only killed 2 out of the 10 or 12 there, but Henk failed his cold blooded leadership test on LD9 – and promptly ran his 600 point unit off the table!

This boded very well for me, only needing to cause another 400ish points damage to win the game. Unfortunately, I sent my screamers out Skink hunting and they got slaughtered by salamanders. I then sent out my Beast of Nurgle to charge and hopefully slow down the large unit of Saurus warriors, but it got annihilated by Combat Resolution and took 4-5 wounds from that alone. The horrors and the herald did quite well, causing some hits on the skinks reducing a few units to less than half unit strength, and ended up scoring some more points when the skink priest miscasted on himself, but a lack of consistent damage got me in the end when the Kroxigors charged my Horrors and slaughtered both groups. Worst choice was the Blue Scribes, who floated around the battlefield doing SFA, casting maybe one spell the entire game. Best choice was the flamers, who lasted a good while and also shot to pieces a good chunk of the Lizardman army.

In the end, I did about 850 VP’s worth of damage, 100 points off the win, but too much for Henk to claim a win as well.

Draw for the Chaos and Lizardman army, but because the Lizardmen won the previous battle they gained the bonus for the next game. (An extra special objective)

Grand Campaign Chaos versus Lizardmen Part 5

Battle Four: 2250 Points Battlefield Supremacy, the winner of this game gets +50 Points to spend on their army in the final game per objective they hold.

This was our big battle that took place last week – and the first battle to include Lord units in the game. (Therefore, I was expecting a dirty great big Slann mage priest to fight) There were 4 objectives on the board to begin with, plus one more for the Lizardmen to put where they wanted to. This extra objective, surprisingly enough ended up right in his deployment zone. It also happened to be the +100 VP objective, but as this battle wasn’t decided by VP’s that became irrelevant.

We put one objective each into our own deployment zone, my objective was a tower, and Henk’s objective was a lake. Then we had two more objectives, one was a forest and the other a rock, which were placed in the middle of the board on the right and left side respectively. To guarantee a win, you needed to hold 3 objectives by the end of the game with a unit of at least US: 5.

24 July 2008

Warhammer Battle - 24 July 08 - Part 5: 2v2 Wrap Up

To wrap up this massive battle we had on the 24th, ill sum up the fight and go over some highs and lows.. and incredibly lucky moments.

Forces of Evil defeated the Forces of Good by betweet 600 and 800 points, resulting in a marginal victory for Chaos and Dark Elves. The Dark Elves had a repeater bolt thrower, his sorceress, scouts and crossbowmen left, Chaos had the large unit of warriors with the BSB in it left as well as the exalted Daemon, High elves has all 3 Spearmen units above half strength, and Woodelves had a group of Glade Guard (yes THOSE Glade Guard) left. Had we gone to turn 6 nothing much more would have happened, would have resulted in about the same victory point score, as well as it was getting quite late, we decided to call it there at the end of Turn 5.

Among the high points were the Chaos Spawn who somehow survived a charge of Dragon Princes and a Hero, the crazy amounts of 6+ ward saves my warriors made, the Aspiring Champion of Chaos laying the smackdown on the Branchwraith... oh wait these were only high points for my army :)

Low points for us (read high points for the forces of good) were the dark elf sorceress slaughtered in the the first round, the dark elf lord running away and into a cliff from scouts.. and possibly Aiden managing to fail 5/6 armor saves at 3+.... hehe.

All in all, a good game had by all, it was close fought up until turn 4 where the tide really turned in Evil's favour. Thanks all... and ill be back to write up another battle after sunday when i play against John's crazy 5000 point dwarf army.

Warhammer Battle - 24 July 08 - Part 4: Wood Elf Army Rundown.

The final army that was involved in this battle was the Wood Elves.

The units they took were:

6 Wild Riders

13 Glade Guard

1 Treeman

6 Scouts

1 Waywatcher Hero

1 Other Hero (never saw what he did, he died too quick)

1 Branchwraith

12 Dryads

6 Wardancers

1 Treeman

This was quite the tricky army in deployment, as the treesinging spells they had could be quite vicious especially in a battleground like ours, dominated by 2 forests. One group of scouts was set up 12" away from our line, and the other scout - the waywatcher hero - was set up behind our line, a few inches away from a valuable dark elf sorceress. The rest of them were set up on the Good sides right flank, opposite the large unit of chaos warriors, with the notable exception of the elite Glade Guard on a hill on their left flank. The wood elf strategy was simple - rushing forward with almost the entire army in an attempt to wipe my Chaos warriors off the face of the earth. The Treeman in particular is a very tough nut to crack, weapon skill 5, toughness 6, and 6 wounds with not only a 3+ armour save but a 5+ ward save as well!

Combining that with a bunch of angry dryads and the elusively elite wardancers even my stoic warriors were a little worried. (The large unit of Dragon Princes didnt really make matters any better either).

The waywatcher hero inflicting a serious blow to begin with forced the dark elf heavy cavalry to waste a valuable turn and reduced our armies magic capability by 1/4 which affected the rest of the game, at least in the magic phase. The scouts peppered a few people with some arrows not causing much trouble with the exception of forcing the dark elf hero on cold one to flee and kill himself in some impassable terrain.

Wood elf magic was highly ineffective, not managing to cast a single spell. The 4 dispel dice they had managed to shut down a further 1/3 of our spells, but it mattered little as the ones that got through were very effective. The treeman notably killed off a chariot of khorne as well as a spawn of chaos, (doing slightly better than the dragon princes who were facing the same monsters) the treeman then went on to land the first charge against the Tzeentchian chaos warriors. Unfortunately for him, he was not able to land any wounds on the warriors, and had to take a leadership test due to the huge amounts of Combat resolution.

The next few turns proved decisive for the treeman, who only managed to kill off a few chaos warriors out of the very large unit, even when supported by the dryads who lent their strength to the fray, their fate ended the same way... defeated by static Combat resolution and forced to run into impassable terrain. However, not before slaughtering the chaos sorcerer who bravely (foolishly?) cast Flaming Sword of Rhuin causing two wounds on the Treeman before the enraged Ent squashed him like a bug.

The wardancers were about to support the massive battle against the chaos warriors, but spied a new target - namely the exalted daemon of slaanesh who had flown into view. After the daemon narrowly missed blowing itself up with a miscast the wardancers launched into combat with him. Unfortunately for them, the Daemon struck first and killed 2 of them, the remaining wardancers unable to land a blow on the daemon. They turned and ran from the gruesome daemon ... into impassable terrain.

While this drama was happening on the left flank of the Evil side, the right flank was going much better for the wood elves. Volley after volley landed on the dark elf cavalry and the battlefield was strewn with their corpses. About 15 riders and 5 warhounds all fell to the arrows of the glade guard within a few turns and they ended up picking off other weakened units by the end of the game. Definitely the Most Valuable Unit for the Wood Elves this game.

Warhammer Battle - 24 July 08 - Part 3: High Elf Army Rundown.

Continuing on with my report and analysis of our 2v2 game on the 24th, I will discuss the High Elf Forces and how well they did in the battle itself.

The High Elf force consisted of:

11 Dragon Princes

20 Spearmen

20 Spearmen

20 Phoenix Guard

2 Heros (one with the battle standard, one on steed with the dragon princes)

Notable tactics this army was using were the 2+ ward save to magic missiles the Hero in the Dragon Prince unit had... which we only found out in turn 4. Also one unit of spearmen caused fear and the unit of Phoenix guard were immune to psychology, rending my terror causing demon a little bit underwhelming for a turn or two.

Unfortunately for John 60 of his Spearmen (including Phoenix Guard spent practically the entire game running in circles trying to chase down a couple of fast moving units. His only fighting unit that got into actual combat was his Dragon Princes plus the noble. They charged their way into the fray, with the obvious goal of slaughtering the large unit of Chaos Warriors anchoring the Evil players left flank. Unfortunately for them they hadnt reckoned with a single chaos spawn in between them and their goal. Charging the spawn first, they managed to only inflict 2 of the 3 wounds they needed to kill it and carry on through into the warriors. Due to its unbreakable nature, the spawn did not turn and run and held up the Heavy Cavalry for a single, valuable turn. The next turn saw them being charged by a Chariot of Khorne, inflicting heavy casualties. After a couple more turns of slaughtering the remaining spawn and the chariot but attracting large volumes of missile fire while doing that they were reduced to 2 knights and the hero.

They ended up charging the unit of chaos warriors but lost the combat and were forced to flee... before being run down by the Aspiring Champion of Tzeentch.

Still, given the slightly befuddled performance of the 3 Units of Spearmen, the Dragon Princes were the most effective unit the High Elves fielded.

Warhammer Battle - 24 July 08 - Part 2: Dark Elf Army Rundown.

To continue with the descriptions of the Armies that we were using in our battle on the 24th, I will describe the Dark Elf Army. We had planned to use the synergy of a large proportion of light cavalry with his Dark Riders and Cold One Knights as well as some good shooting and magic to help out with my more melee combat orientated army.

The units he took along were:

3 units of 5 Dark Riders

1 Unit of 10 Xbows

1 Unit of 7 scouts

1 unit of 6 cold ones

1 Bolt thrower

1 Hero on a Cold One

2 Sorceresses, 1 mounted.

The scouts were able to march block and stop some of the high elf units from advancing into our deployment zone on the day. (Referring to John's post again for more details on the battle itself: http://stumpyheaven.blogspot.com/ )

Unfortunately one of his 2 Sorceresses was cowardly assasinated by a Waywatcher Wood Elf Hero at the beginning of the game, which didnt help our plan at all. The cavalry advanced quickly on to the enemy positions, but was slaughtered to an elf by the withering fire of wood elf longbows. (Looks like they tried to fight in the shade... ) The hero on a cold one suffered a similar fate, routed and destroyed by a group of wood elf scouts. Lucky the Bolt Thrower and Crossbowmen stayed firm and delivered some punishing blows on the enemy with their attacks, slaying a few of the noble elves from afar. His scouts spent a couple of turns fleeing, but they eventually came back and helped with Victory Points by contesting a table quarter.

Most valuable unit in the Dark Elf Army: In my opinion probably the Repeater Bolt Thrower. Consistently killing a few elves throughout the whole game helped in close combat when the press of numbers started to weigh against the chaos units in the fights.

Warhammer Battle - 24 July 08 - Part 1: Chaos Army Rundown.

Lets begin.

We had a 2v2 battle on the 24th, between the forces of good, high elves and wood elves, and the forces of evil, chaos and dark elves. 3000 points a side, 1500 point armies each. We split our army dispel and power dice up between us, set up an interesting looking scenario board, and proceeded to beat the living snot out of each other.

For a really cool look at the battle itself, check out John's blog here (has graphics and all that carry on) --- http://stumpyheaven.blogspot.com/

To begin with, ill post the army that i played with and (what i remember or can find out) the other players armies as well.

Chaos Undivided Army:

20 Chosen Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch with full command and shields. In amongst this group was 2 of my heroes;

Aspiring Champion of Tzeentch with Battle Standard and Warbanner on a Barded Steed.

Sorcerer of Tzeentch with 2 power stones and the Lore of Fire.

This made my group Unit Strength 23 with a Armour Save of 3+ (2+ in combat) and a Ward save of 6+. (Aspiring Champ had 2+, and Sorcerer had 4+) I like to deploy them 6 wide, so they were also 4 deep. This was my anchor unit, and was (theoretically anyway) supposed to be nearly unbeatable in combat. 6-7 Combat resolution without causing any casualties (7 with outnumber, which i should almost always have had) is a pretty good headstart when taking on other units and forcing them to break.

They also rerolled break tests with the Battle Standard, and could cast spells from the sorcerer.

To supplement this rockhard unit of mine, i needed some things that had a little more manouverability, and most importantly, a long charge range.

For this I took along 2 Chariots of Khorne. These things are just amazing with the new WD list for Warriors of Chaos, and they got cheaper as well. Frenzy now applies to the mounts, giving the chariot as a whole 8 attacks a round. (4 from the horses, 4 from the riders). Add to this d6+1 impact hits at strength 5, and they can dish out some serious punishment. ... as long as they get the charge off on an enemy that is.

To ensure that they get the charge off, I brought along some good reliable warhounds. Costing next to nothing, they can march and charge 14" and make an excellent screening unit. I couldnt care less about losing all of them if need be, as a unit of 5 is only worth 30 points. A much better prospect than taking even one wound on an expensive and much more tactically powerful chariot.

I now had the basics of a good anchor, and what i needed was a third hero character. Looking through my options, there wasnt anything that really appealed to me for this game against a bunch of elves... ASF was a bit daunting especially against high elf heroes. To counter this, I came up with the idea of a Daemon of Slaanesh. Once i had built this little beastie, I realised i had a one man army at 380 points AND was individually better than almost any other character at this level, with most stats being equal to or better than a lord character. Add to this his special rules of Always Strike First, Terror, Immune To Psychology, Stubborn, Flying and Eternal Hatred this guy could tear most heroes a new one as well as surviving against small units of infantry or cavalry.

Last but not least, i had a few more points to spare. Taking my favourite rare unit was a must then! 2 Firewyrms of Tzeentch finished off my points nicely and also had a few tricks up their sleeves as well. Strength 3 breath weapon whenever they were not in combat is ok... not great against high armour or toughness enemies but against elves i figure likely to do some damage. The biggest bonus these guys bring to the field is the fact they are unbreakable!! This has saved the skin of a lot of my units before by holding off a dangerous unit for that one extra turn that i needed.

Most Valuable Unit in my army on the day: Most Probably the unbreakable unit of Chaos Warriors... but close second was the flying terror causing demon!

So that was my army, 2 level 2 wizards, (daemon with lore of slaanesh and sorcerer with lore of fire) so 5 power dice, a good chunk of warriors and a few suprises here and there. Ill quickly run down Aiden (the dark elf players army) and see what he was planning to do: