22 March 2009

2250 list for potential Warhammer games -

Here is a list i found courtesy of Pinkus of LO Forums fame, a mighty fast and deadly Warriors of Chaos list.

Wether I have enough cavalry models to pull it off is another question:

Daemon Prince
Tendrils of Tzeentch
Mark of Tzeentch
Fury of the Bloodgod

Exalted Hero
Mark of Tzeentch
Banner of the Gods

Chaos Sorcerer
Chaos Steed
Level 2
Mark of Nurgle
Power Familiar
Dispel Scroll

Marauder x 10

Marauder Horsemen x 5
Mark of Khorne

Marauder Horsemen x 5
Mark of Khorne

Chaos Knights x 5
Ensorcelled weapons
Mark of Nurgle
Rapturous Standard

Chaos Knights x 5
Ensorcelled weapons
Mark of Nurgle

Dragon Ogres x3

Chaos Warshrine

Warhounds x 5

Warhounds x 5


So what I need is 1 Chariot converted to a Warshrine, 10 Warhound models, 3 Dragon Ogres (uh oh), 20 Horsemen, 10 Marauders, Hero on a steed, Hero on a disc, and a Daemon Prince.


1 Chariot, check.
10 Hounds, check.
10 Marauders, check.
3 Various heros, check.
10 Horsemen, check.

Now all I need are 3 Dragon Ogres and 10 more horsemen, preferably Marauder Horsemen. GREEEEAT.

11 March 2009

New and interesting (at least to myself) Unit and Character builds:

Some other ideas im playing with, trying to decide on their effectiveness!

18 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch, Shields and Full Command with Blasted Standard - 378 points.

18 Chosen Chaos Warriors of Khorne, Shields and XHW, Full Command and War Banner - 465 points.

Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle, Level 2 (1) with Skull of Katam, Lore of Nurgle and the Bloodcurdling Roar - 210 points.

Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle, Level 2 (2) with Rod of Torment, Lore of Nurgle and Conjoined Homunuculus. - 205 points.

10 Chaos Marauders of Khorne, Great Weapons and Mark of Khorne - 80 points.

10 March 2009

Warriors of Chaos Character builds:

A continuation of the previous post, but focusing on Character builds.


Chaos Lord of Slaanesh on Barded Steed, Father of Blades, Armour of Damnation, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Bloodcurdling Roar, Soporific Musk - 389 points.

So, the Warriors of Chaos aye?

Well, it seems I need to completely redo my entire army. Luckily I was able to sell some of the stuff I couldnt use anymore, but I need to put some info down on paper (or internet, whatever) on what I actually have left and wether or not its any good.

Without further ado, current models that I still want for my army:

Models I own:

2 Chariots, (which arent that great anymore), 16 Marauders, (which are good, if I had more of them) 36 Warriors, (hmmmm I may have a few too many of them!!) 10 Warhounds, (pretty much the same) 5 Knights (good, but just not enough any more, id like 10 really) 2 Chaos Spawn, (all good, fun fun).

Characters I have:

2 Heroes/Lords on foot, 2 Heroes/Lords on mounts, 3 Heroes/Lords on large mounts, 1 Dragon, 2 Demon Princes.

Well - from this list I can see I have a few options available, to try and build a 2250 list for the NZ Tourny coming up in May.

16 Chaos Marauders of Slaanesh, Champ + Muso, Light Armour, Hand Weapons and Shield - 118 points.

In a moment of pure brilliance - since I dont really like my Chariots anymore, convert them both to Warshrines!!

2 Warshrine of Tzeentch - Stupidly good Ward Save - 150 points.

10 Warhounds - 60 points, or split into 2 x 5 for 30 points each.

2 Chaos Spawns of Tzeentch - Mark of Tzeentch, 65 points each, 130 points for the two of them.

5 Khorne Knights of Chaos - Mark of Khorne, Musician, Standard Bearer with War Banner - 285 points.

36 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch - Mark of Tzeentch, Full Command with Blastard Standard, Shields. - 666 points. (oh yeah!)

36 Chosen Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch - Mark of Tzeentch, Full Command with Blasted Standard, Shields. - 794 points.

There also is a bunch of good character options. I think I will keep these ones in mind for now, and post the characters up later.