16 October 2008

Slacking off - but excited as well.

Ok - I have been slacking off with both painting and gaming with my Chaos army -- mostly due to the fact that in 2 or so weeks a new Army book and tonnes of new models will be coming out. (ignore the giant list of models still to be painted - as i will end up buying more :P)

Cool things to look forward to are:

Chaos Champions get to spend points on gifts of chaos AS WELL AS magic items!
New special characters to be used! (like, 8 or so)
Chosen Warriors and normal Chaos Warriors are about 10x better.
Chaos Warshrine! Chariot buff unit, gives awesome buffs to your units during battle.
Marauders are 4 points each... i mean seriously.... you could have 250 in a 1k point battle!!!
Hellcannons are a legal choice!
Crazy crazy magic items!

So yeah. I will update again once the book comes out, so i can give a thorough analysis of it!