10 March 2009

So, the Warriors of Chaos aye?

Well, it seems I need to completely redo my entire army. Luckily I was able to sell some of the stuff I couldnt use anymore, but I need to put some info down on paper (or internet, whatever) on what I actually have left and wether or not its any good.

Without further ado, current models that I still want for my army:

Models I own:

2 Chariots, (which arent that great anymore), 16 Marauders, (which are good, if I had more of them) 36 Warriors, (hmmmm I may have a few too many of them!!) 10 Warhounds, (pretty much the same) 5 Knights (good, but just not enough any more, id like 10 really) 2 Chaos Spawn, (all good, fun fun).

Characters I have:

2 Heroes/Lords on foot, 2 Heroes/Lords on mounts, 3 Heroes/Lords on large mounts, 1 Dragon, 2 Demon Princes.

Well - from this list I can see I have a few options available, to try and build a 2250 list for the NZ Tourny coming up in May.

16 Chaos Marauders of Slaanesh, Champ + Muso, Light Armour, Hand Weapons and Shield - 118 points.

In a moment of pure brilliance - since I dont really like my Chariots anymore, convert them both to Warshrines!!

2 Warshrine of Tzeentch - Stupidly good Ward Save - 150 points.

10 Warhounds - 60 points, or split into 2 x 5 for 30 points each.

2 Chaos Spawns of Tzeentch - Mark of Tzeentch, 65 points each, 130 points for the two of them.

5 Khorne Knights of Chaos - Mark of Khorne, Musician, Standard Bearer with War Banner - 285 points.

36 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch - Mark of Tzeentch, Full Command with Blastard Standard, Shields. - 666 points. (oh yeah!)

36 Chosen Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch - Mark of Tzeentch, Full Command with Blasted Standard, Shields. - 794 points.

There also is a bunch of good character options. I think I will keep these ones in mind for now, and post the characters up later.