28 September 2008

Epic 10k Point Battle!

Yesterday John and I had a battle of epic proportions -- 10k Chaos vs 6k Dwarves and 4k High Elves.

Details of the battle will come soon, were some high notes and some low notes for both armies (one in particular i remember is miscasting 3 times in a row with 3 different casters, the third time ending the magic phase).

But, it was good fun, with a victory to Chaos of 13 to 9.

The best fight was one involving something like 6 or 7 units, a massive brawl right in the middle of the map. 2 Giant units of chaos warriors, nurgle and khorne, with a Greater Daemon, Daemon Prince, a Chaos Lord of Khorne and the BSB with Banner of the Gods right behind them. Fighting a 30 strong unit of Phoenix Gaurd, Huge unit of Hammerers and a huge unit of Ironbreakers. The entire battle was a draw in the end, the next turn a unit of slayers entered the fray! Somehow, the entire battle was a draw again, until a charge by a unit of Knights, Dragon Ogres, a Chaos Lord and a Lord of Tzeentch finally tipped the balance in the favour of Chaos, forcing half the enemies to flee.

Was great fun! Took about 5 hours all together, so probably not something ill do again very soon, but a battle to remember!