22 February 2009

Border Patrol 500 pt list

Heres my 500 point list I am planning on taking to the Duellist club this thursday: Thought I would put it up here so I would actually remember it!!

1 x Sorcerer (120 points)
>Necrotic Phylactery
>Favour of the Gods
>Bloodcurdling Roar

15 Chaos Warriors of Khorne (270 points)
>Extra Hand Weapon

Scyla Anfinngrim (105 points)

Looks cool, pretty outnumbered by pretty much everything I will see on the field, but hopefully the sheer killiness of the Chaos Warriors, support of the Sorcerer with Lore of Death or Fire, and a wild card in the form of Scyla - who may or may not do crap all the whole game.