24 July 2008

Warhammer Battle - 24 July 08 - Part 2: Dark Elf Army Rundown.

To continue with the descriptions of the Armies that we were using in our battle on the 24th, I will describe the Dark Elf Army. We had planned to use the synergy of a large proportion of light cavalry with his Dark Riders and Cold One Knights as well as some good shooting and magic to help out with my more melee combat orientated army.

The units he took along were:

3 units of 5 Dark Riders

1 Unit of 10 Xbows

1 Unit of 7 scouts

1 unit of 6 cold ones

1 Bolt thrower

1 Hero on a Cold One

2 Sorceresses, 1 mounted.

The scouts were able to march block and stop some of the high elf units from advancing into our deployment zone on the day. (Referring to John's post again for more details on the battle itself: http://stumpyheaven.blogspot.com/ )

Unfortunately one of his 2 Sorceresses was cowardly assasinated by a Waywatcher Wood Elf Hero at the beginning of the game, which didnt help our plan at all. The cavalry advanced quickly on to the enemy positions, but was slaughtered to an elf by the withering fire of wood elf longbows. (Looks like they tried to fight in the shade... ) The hero on a cold one suffered a similar fate, routed and destroyed by a group of wood elf scouts. Lucky the Bolt Thrower and Crossbowmen stayed firm and delivered some punishing blows on the enemy with their attacks, slaying a few of the noble elves from afar. His scouts spent a couple of turns fleeing, but they eventually came back and helped with Victory Points by contesting a table quarter.

Most valuable unit in the Dark Elf Army: In my opinion probably the Repeater Bolt Thrower. Consistently killing a few elves throughout the whole game helped in close combat when the press of numbers started to weigh against the chaos units in the fights.