24 July 2008

Warhammer Battle - 24 July 08 - Part 3: High Elf Army Rundown.

Continuing on with my report and analysis of our 2v2 game on the 24th, I will discuss the High Elf Forces and how well they did in the battle itself.

The High Elf force consisted of:

11 Dragon Princes

20 Spearmen

20 Spearmen

20 Phoenix Guard

2 Heros (one with the battle standard, one on steed with the dragon princes)

Notable tactics this army was using were the 2+ ward save to magic missiles the Hero in the Dragon Prince unit had... which we only found out in turn 4. Also one unit of spearmen caused fear and the unit of Phoenix guard were immune to psychology, rending my terror causing demon a little bit underwhelming for a turn or two.

Unfortunately for John 60 of his Spearmen (including Phoenix Guard spent practically the entire game running in circles trying to chase down a couple of fast moving units. His only fighting unit that got into actual combat was his Dragon Princes plus the noble. They charged their way into the fray, with the obvious goal of slaughtering the large unit of Chaos Warriors anchoring the Evil players left flank. Unfortunately for them they hadnt reckoned with a single chaos spawn in between them and their goal. Charging the spawn first, they managed to only inflict 2 of the 3 wounds they needed to kill it and carry on through into the warriors. Due to its unbreakable nature, the spawn did not turn and run and held up the Heavy Cavalry for a single, valuable turn. The next turn saw them being charged by a Chariot of Khorne, inflicting heavy casualties. After a couple more turns of slaughtering the remaining spawn and the chariot but attracting large volumes of missile fire while doing that they were reduced to 2 knights and the hero.

They ended up charging the unit of chaos warriors but lost the combat and were forced to flee... before being run down by the Aspiring Champion of Tzeentch.

Still, given the slightly befuddled performance of the 3 Units of Spearmen, the Dragon Princes were the most effective unit the High Elves fielded.