24 July 2008

Warhammer Battle - 24 July 08 - Part 4: Wood Elf Army Rundown.

The final army that was involved in this battle was the Wood Elves.

The units they took were:

6 Wild Riders

13 Glade Guard

1 Treeman

6 Scouts

1 Waywatcher Hero

1 Other Hero (never saw what he did, he died too quick)

1 Branchwraith

12 Dryads

6 Wardancers

1 Treeman

This was quite the tricky army in deployment, as the treesinging spells they had could be quite vicious especially in a battleground like ours, dominated by 2 forests. One group of scouts was set up 12" away from our line, and the other scout - the waywatcher hero - was set up behind our line, a few inches away from a valuable dark elf sorceress. The rest of them were set up on the Good sides right flank, opposite the large unit of chaos warriors, with the notable exception of the elite Glade Guard on a hill on their left flank. The wood elf strategy was simple - rushing forward with almost the entire army in an attempt to wipe my Chaos warriors off the face of the earth. The Treeman in particular is a very tough nut to crack, weapon skill 5, toughness 6, and 6 wounds with not only a 3+ armour save but a 5+ ward save as well!

Combining that with a bunch of angry dryads and the elusively elite wardancers even my stoic warriors were a little worried. (The large unit of Dragon Princes didnt really make matters any better either).

The waywatcher hero inflicting a serious blow to begin with forced the dark elf heavy cavalry to waste a valuable turn and reduced our armies magic capability by 1/4 which affected the rest of the game, at least in the magic phase. The scouts peppered a few people with some arrows not causing much trouble with the exception of forcing the dark elf hero on cold one to flee and kill himself in some impassable terrain.

Wood elf magic was highly ineffective, not managing to cast a single spell. The 4 dispel dice they had managed to shut down a further 1/3 of our spells, but it mattered little as the ones that got through were very effective. The treeman notably killed off a chariot of khorne as well as a spawn of chaos, (doing slightly better than the dragon princes who were facing the same monsters) the treeman then went on to land the first charge against the Tzeentchian chaos warriors. Unfortunately for him, he was not able to land any wounds on the warriors, and had to take a leadership test due to the huge amounts of Combat resolution.

The next few turns proved decisive for the treeman, who only managed to kill off a few chaos warriors out of the very large unit, even when supported by the dryads who lent their strength to the fray, their fate ended the same way... defeated by static Combat resolution and forced to run into impassable terrain. However, not before slaughtering the chaos sorcerer who bravely (foolishly?) cast Flaming Sword of Rhuin causing two wounds on the Treeman before the enraged Ent squashed him like a bug.

The wardancers were about to support the massive battle against the chaos warriors, but spied a new target - namely the exalted daemon of slaanesh who had flown into view. After the daemon narrowly missed blowing itself up with a miscast the wardancers launched into combat with him. Unfortunately for them, the Daemon struck first and killed 2 of them, the remaining wardancers unable to land a blow on the daemon. They turned and ran from the gruesome daemon ... into impassable terrain.

While this drama was happening on the left flank of the Evil side, the right flank was going much better for the wood elves. Volley after volley landed on the dark elf cavalry and the battlefield was strewn with their corpses. About 15 riders and 5 warhounds all fell to the arrows of the glade guard within a few turns and they ended up picking off other weakened units by the end of the game. Definitely the Most Valuable Unit for the Wood Elves this game.