24 July 2008

Warhammer Battle - 24 July 08 - Part 5: 2v2 Wrap Up

To wrap up this massive battle we had on the 24th, ill sum up the fight and go over some highs and lows.. and incredibly lucky moments.

Forces of Evil defeated the Forces of Good by betweet 600 and 800 points, resulting in a marginal victory for Chaos and Dark Elves. The Dark Elves had a repeater bolt thrower, his sorceress, scouts and crossbowmen left, Chaos had the large unit of warriors with the BSB in it left as well as the exalted Daemon, High elves has all 3 Spearmen units above half strength, and Woodelves had a group of Glade Guard (yes THOSE Glade Guard) left. Had we gone to turn 6 nothing much more would have happened, would have resulted in about the same victory point score, as well as it was getting quite late, we decided to call it there at the end of Turn 5.

Among the high points were the Chaos Spawn who somehow survived a charge of Dragon Princes and a Hero, the crazy amounts of 6+ ward saves my warriors made, the Aspiring Champion of Chaos laying the smackdown on the Branchwraith... oh wait these were only high points for my army :)

Low points for us (read high points for the forces of good) were the dark elf sorceress slaughtered in the the first round, the dark elf lord running away and into a cliff from scouts.. and possibly Aiden managing to fail 5/6 armor saves at 3+.... hehe.

All in all, a good game had by all, it was close fought up until turn 4 where the tide really turned in Evil's favour. Thanks all... and ill be back to write up another battle after sunday when i play against John's crazy 5000 point dwarf army.