21 August 2008

Grand Campaign Chaos versus Lizardmen Part 4

Battle Three: 1900 / 950 Points Last Stand, the winner of this game receives +1 special feature in the next game, randomly rolled for at the beginning of the game. (This meant it could provide +1 PD/DD, or cause hatred, or +100 VP)

This was a very interesting battle, I was the underdog with only 950 points to spend, but on the plus side I only had to do 951 points worth of damage to the advancing Lizardman army to win! The battle began with my army having an 18” square in the middle to deploy, which I was able to do in and around a fortress I had quickly build from random bits of polystyrene and kebab skewers…. Plus a tower in the middle. Lizardmen started on both ends of the board with the tactic of advancing towards me and catching me in the pincer of his two forces, each of which was as big as my entire army!

As the storyline goes, my Chaos warriors were thoroughly massacred in the Flank Attack, leaving only a few straggling survivors. While they ran away to regroup the oncoming Lizardman army, which had swelled in size since the last battle with new spawnings, reached an abandoned Orc fortress… which was now filled to the brim with Chaos Daemons!

They couldn’t afford to leave a formidable fighting force behind them as they advanced on the Chaos regrouping position so they decided to wipe them out, with as little loss to their own lines as possible.

I used a new army list to what I normally use here, opting to try out the new Chaos Daemons Army Book and see how well it went.

The Army I used was a Tzeentch based magic army, led by a Herald of Tzeentch. I also took along the Blue Scribes of Tzeentch, a unique Hero-level unit. For Core choices I had 2 units of Pink Horrors, each 10 strong and counting as a Level 1 Wizard. As well as that I brought along a Beast of Nurgle, (a Chaos Spawn without all the good bits as I found out) a unit of Screamers and a unit of Flamers, 6 strong. (By far the best investment I made)

The army I faced was pretty much the same as the 1k army, Krox’s, Sallies, Skink Priests and Scar-Vets was about the lot of it, as well as an obscene number of skinks and a large unit of Saurus Warriors and Cold One Riders.

The battle started off ok for me, massive amounts of shooting and magic on my side in an attempt to whittle down the enemy forces before they hit my army and squashed it. Best shot of the match was my Flamers, firing at the Saurus cavalry. They only killed 2 out of the 10 or 12 there, but Henk failed his cold blooded leadership test on LD9 – and promptly ran his 600 point unit off the table!

This boded very well for me, only needing to cause another 400ish points damage to win the game. Unfortunately, I sent my screamers out Skink hunting and they got slaughtered by salamanders. I then sent out my Beast of Nurgle to charge and hopefully slow down the large unit of Saurus warriors, but it got annihilated by Combat Resolution and took 4-5 wounds from that alone. The horrors and the herald did quite well, causing some hits on the skinks reducing a few units to less than half unit strength, and ended up scoring some more points when the skink priest miscasted on himself, but a lack of consistent damage got me in the end when the Kroxigors charged my Horrors and slaughtered both groups. Worst choice was the Blue Scribes, who floated around the battlefield doing SFA, casting maybe one spell the entire game. Best choice was the flamers, who lasted a good while and also shot to pieces a good chunk of the Lizardman army.

In the end, I did about 850 VP’s worth of damage, 100 points off the win, but too much for Henk to claim a win as well.

Draw for the Chaos and Lizardman army, but because the Lizardmen won the previous battle they gained the bonus for the next game. (An extra special objective)