21 August 2008

Grand Campaign Chaos versus Lizardmen Part 3

Battle Two: 1000 Points Flank Attack, the winner of this game becomes the attacker in the next game.

This battle being twice as big I don’t remember as many details about it… probably also because it did not go very well for me!! J

My army included the regulars, Chaos Chosen to protect the vulnerable Sorcerer and Champion, as well as Warhound screens and 2 Chariots. Then maybe some Spawns… or maybe some Screamers.

The enemy army included the usual strong arm of the Lizardmen, Salamanders and Kroxigors guarded by copious amounts of Skinks. As far as I can remember, it also included a Scar-Vet and a Skink Priest, no doubt to deny me magical domination.

Tactics were terrible on my side, the Flank Attack special rules being that I could bring units in on the side from turn 2 onwards; however they would be worth double victory points!! I chose for 1 chariot and 5 Warhounds to arrive on the flank, leaving me outnumbered with the army set up in front of the Lizardman army. When the chariot and Warhounds finally arrived, and then finally got into combat (turn 5) the rest of my army was already dead.

Victory went to Lizardmen, meaning the Lizardmen were the Attackers in the next battle.