21 August 2008

Grand Campaign Chaos versus Lizardmen Part 2

Battle One: 500 Points Border Patrol, the winner of this game becomes the attacker in the next game.

The Chaos armies general was a Level 2 Chaos Undivided Sorcerer, along with a small unit of Chosen Warriors and 5 Chaos Screamers was a very small army numerically, but made up of some strong units.

The Lizardman armies general was a Saurus Scar-Vet and the units he took along were a unit of strong Kroxigors (brought because of a tendency I have to use chariots I believe), a 2 salamander strong unit and a unit of poison blowpipe skinks.

The exact details of the match are a little fuzzy, but it ended in a decisive victory for chaos, with the Kroxigors being slaughtered by the magic of the Chaos Sorcerer and the skinks running off the board away from the Screamers, who then went on to ambush the lone Scar-Vet and finish him off. The Chosen warriors went from 12 strong to about 2-3 strong with shooting from the Salamanders, but they provided ample protection for the Chaos Sorcerer and he survived unscathed.

Final Units left were a few Chaos Warriors, the Chaos Sorcerer, more than half the Screamers and the 2 Salamanders.

Victory went to Chaos, meaning my Army was the Attacker in the next battle, the Flank Attack.