21 August 2008

Grand Campaign Chaos versus Lizardmen Part 5

Battle Four: 2250 Points Battlefield Supremacy, the winner of this game gets +50 Points to spend on their army in the final game per objective they hold.

This was our big battle that took place last week – and the first battle to include Lord units in the game. (Therefore, I was expecting a dirty great big Slann mage priest to fight) There were 4 objectives on the board to begin with, plus one more for the Lizardmen to put where they wanted to. This extra objective, surprisingly enough ended up right in his deployment zone. It also happened to be the +100 VP objective, but as this battle wasn’t decided by VP’s that became irrelevant.

We put one objective each into our own deployment zone, my objective was a tower, and Henk’s objective was a lake. Then we had two more objectives, one was a forest and the other a rock, which were placed in the middle of the board on the right and left side respectively. To guarantee a win, you needed to hold 3 objectives by the end of the game with a unit of at least US: 5.